Custom Design and Business Consulting LLC

Provide a locally sourced solution for specialized electronic design and business analytics.

Announcing Custom Design and Business Consulting (CDBC) a local alternative to global outsourcing

CDBC is a consulting company offering electronic design services and business analytic services. The foundation of CDBC is based on over 30 years of experience in the Military Aerospace (MilAreo), Implantable Medical Device, and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industries. Services provided are focused on the design and business aspects of delivering custom designs.  CDBC is ready to serve a diverse client base.  The company provides expertise in all aspects of electronic product design from concept to production.

With CDBC you receive the value of global outsourcing with the convenience and security of a local service provider. This opens the door to low risk outsourcing of non-critical product development functions and provides a cost effective solution to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) constraints.

CDBC has the capability of supporting design processes using any or all of the big three EDA suppliers. Design activities can be performed sourcing the customer’s existing EDA licenses or through acquisition of specific tools for each particular job.

Service Offerings

Custom IC Implementation

Foundry & Design Support

Standard Cell Layout

Analog Cell Layout

IC Floorplanning and Assembly

IC Place & Route

Physical Verification

IC Design Flow Management

PDK Management

Foundry and Process Selection

Process Automation